Utility Cake Mix

Laucke Utility Cake Mix can be used for Fairy Cakes, Lamington/Jelly Cakes, Apple Cakes, Slab Cakes and Fruit Cake. The range of uses is only limited by the imagination.

200mls Warm Water, 100gm Egg (2 small eggs), 500gms Utility Cake Mix. Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl (Liquids first). Mix on low speed for 1 minute. Scrape down. Mix on high for 5 minutes, then medium for 1 minute. The baking temperature will vary from 180 degrees C. for larger blocks or slabs to 200 degrees C foe smaller cup cakes or round tins. (slightly less for fan forced ovens).

HINTS. When depositing into tins you can get an excellent release and altered external appearance by dusting the greased tins with flour and shaking out the excess. Where dipping is required (such as lamingtons) freezing the cakes after cutting and prior to dipping will make the job much easier and reduce crumbling.